Domestic violence charges may work to break up your family and put you behind bars. We can help a client face these charges head-on and create a plan for moving forward with a responsible defense strategy.

Probating an estate is an accessible process, which we can help you navigate. Trust disputes require strong litigation strategies we can help you develop.

Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Probate Administration and Trusts

Felony Criminal Matters

Contested Civil Cases

Serious personal and legal implications arise when the government charges a client with a crime. We can help you understand and fully defend your rights.


Child & Spousal Support

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A DUI charge imposes immediate and future potential impacts. Traffic tickets can be defeated by knowledgeable counsel. You deserve an attorney capable of helping you determine the best response to these serious concerns.

We are committed to helping protect clients current and future financial concerns. Our experience in litigating issues involving parenting plans, residential schedules, and property distributions can provide calm during this storm.

Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors

It's important for clients to understand their rights and be provided reasonable expectations regarding financial interests.

Dissolutions (Divorce) / Separations

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Personal injuries resulting from other peoples mistakes create turmoil as well as pain; contractual disputes and other wrongs are frustrating as well as disruptive. Knowledgeable negotiation and persistent trial preparation can help right these wrongs.

DUI's and Traffic Issues

Felony criminal charges are serious, and require trusted advocacy and defense. We have the experience to investigate, identify legal issues, competently negotiate, and take to trial  serious charges such as: drug, domestic violence, or theft.